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How to Choose the right CMS for your Business

In 2020, there is no shortage of applications or resources that sole purpose is to make your business better. Take Content Management Systems for example. Their core function is to manage and create digital content for you. Which one is right for you? It can be overwhelming to choose the right CMS with all the options available to you at your disposal. This is why at Aplos Digital we have created a list of top CMSs that we like to recommend to clients when developing a project.


Let’s list some realistic business requirements that you expect to see in real life.


  • Manage Multiple Websites 
  • User Permission 
  • Performance 
  • On page editing
  • Allow HTML, CSS Or Bootstrap for Designers 
  • Workflow 
  • Security 
  • Easy to implement (Not technical person)
  • Connectivity with other applications 
  • Free plugins/application
  • Support
  • Cost

    This sums up all our business requirements. Let’s start with the least to most recommended CMS.


    5. Drupal 


    Drupal was released in 2001 as an open-source CMS with a lot of pre-built applications and over 2000+ templates up to date. Drupal is the third biggest CMS in terms of market shares for CMSs. Many of our business requirements listed above can be met with the plugins offer by Drupal Market.

    The reason we have listed Drupal on 5th place is, that it is more difficult to implement compared to Joomla and WordPress, which increase the hours and cost for the project.


    4. Butter CMS 


    Butter CMS is headless CMS which means it runs separately from your front-end application/website. Butter CMS can be integrated thought rest API with any application. Butter CMS does have limitations but they outweigh the time it takes to build an application or website on other platforms. Aplos Digital recommend this platform to clients who already have a front-end application or looking to develop customize the application in a short period.


    3. dotCMS 


    DotCMS is an enterprise-level open source J2EE/Java Web Content Management System (wCMS) for managing websites, intranets, and apps. DotCMS is recommended for mid to large organizations. DotCMS offers great features like workflow, security, user permission and the ability to manage multiple sites from a single platform. If cost is your main concern then Joomla and WordPress will be a better option for you.


    2. Joomla 


    Joomla meets most of our business requirements above except for “Easy to Implement”. Joomla requires technical knowledge in Web Development to implement it on your server and build a website on it.


    1. WordPress 


    There is a reason why WordPress been the most used and most preferred CMS over many years. WordPress has 61.8% of the CMS market share and 35% of the Internet is Powered by WordPress including, E-Commerce, Blogs, Business Websites, and Web Applications.

    There Are 54,000+ Free Plugins for WordPress and over 4500+ free themes to customize your website or application also this CMS has some amazing applications like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, Akismet Anti-Spam, and WP Super Catch.


    How much does it cost to build a WordPress website?


    Cost is one of the reasons for WordPress being a top CMS. WordPress is a free open source CMS and it could be installed for free on your website hosting servers but that doesn’t mean it will cost you $0 to have your website on WordPress. There are hidden costs that the users might not anticipate such as paid Theme, paid Plugins, Hosting server, Domain, contents, images, and the hours it takes to set up the CMS. But in the end, does WordPress cost lower than other CMS in the long run? Yes, it does. When evaluating long term costs and monthly fixed costs, WordPress is the cheapest option.




    To conclude, these are some of the CMS that we recommend to clients but, in the end, they might not be your best option based on your business requirements and project budget. Our dedicated team is just a call away and open to working with your business requirements so we can help you make the best decision for your business.



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    *Note: this list is based on our recommendation for clients and does not favor one product over the other.  

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