How to setup a LinkedIn Business page

linkedin business page

How to setup a LinkedIn Business page

Have you ever thought is it worth it to have a LinkedIn Business page?


Many businesses are reducing their potential by not having a LinkedIn company page. The LinkedIn company pages have numerous amount of different benefits compared to a LinkedIn personal profile. Company pages help users learn about your business, your brand, and job opportunities.


Here are some key benefits of having a LinkedIn Company Page:


  • It showcases your company, not just your employees
  • Employees can indirectly be company ambassadors
  • Monitor and be notified when someone mentions your company or brand
  • Promote your latest, most important news
  • Showcase your specialist services

The requirements needed to add a company page.


  • Must already have a personal LinkedIn profile with your true first and last name
  • The profile strength must be at least intermediate or all-star
  • You must have several connections on your profile
  • You must be a current employee of the company with your position listed in the experience section of your profile
  • You must have a company email address added and confirmed on your LinkedIn account

How To Create A LinkedIn Company Page


Company pages help clients learn more about your business and the services you offer. By adding a company page, you can also demonstrate to them the benefits of your services or products. A personal LinkedIn account needs to be created before your company page. You also need to confirm that your company doesn’t previously have a page on LinkedIn and you meet the requirements to add a company page on LinkedIn.


Adding a company page


1. From your homepage move the cursor over “Work” and select “Create a Company Page


linkedin setup


2. Select the type of company page that you want to create.


linkedin setup 2


3. Enter in your company information


linkedin seetup 3


4. Click “Create Page” to continue

5. Complete the page set up by adding a cover photo, location details and content.

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